Blogging as a Cave Diver

Not an experienced writer here, but finding my own way through the tec diving world I have realised how important it is to get first hand information from divers that have gone through the same path or are now going through the same path as me. And I know there are great resources out there by the icons of cave and tec diving worldwide. But how does a newbie find information that speaks to him both technically and practically? Because we’d all love to buy a rebreather, a scooter and a ticket to Plura, but is that realistic in the first years of cave and tec diving for the average student?

Hence my interest in writing about every day topics like gear hacks, gear malfunctions, the 5 primary light failures I’ve had in less than two years of diving caves and how that makes me feel, how I met my boyfriend who is also a cave diver, what do I eat during cave and cavern trips and why, how much this stuff costs, who are my diving inspirations, how did I end up at the bottom of the bravo crater in Bikini (not in a Bikini, but in the place called Bikini), how much time does it take to be a tec diver, and why girls in tec diving are the coolest shit. I am in no way aiming for a teaching blog, I am aiming for sharing what I know, how I learned it, and why I chose to dive and live like this. For this and more, follow this blog, subscribe, follow me on Instagram, Fb, just don’t follow me on the street 🙂

If you have a specific question or request for the blog feel free to contact me through the contact form or on IG @Cenote_Girl

One response to “Blogging as a Cave Diver”

  1. Orlando Ochoa Méndez Avatar
    Orlando Ochoa Méndez

    As a new cave diver this it is really exciting hearing from others experience. I’d like to thank you for your blog and I am already looking forward to reading more.


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