Exploration Diaries #3: La Bendición

Do you remember that deep well we were taken to a few months ago in Puerto Morelos? If you’re not much of a reader and prefer to watch a video go check Exploration Diaries clip by clicking here! If you want the full adventure tale, keep reading! Skanda had the bug after seeing a lineContinue reading “Exploration Diaries #3: La Bendición”

Exploration Diaries #2

Tight spaces and an all-male exploration team. If you read my previous post and you’re here to learn about this explorer wannabe, thanks, and continue reading… Cenote #2 There’s hope but later! The second cenote “we” checked was an old and out of use well. Looking down, we immediately realised our ladder would never beContinue reading “Exploration Diaries #2”

The “New Normal”

Some of the measures I will have in place when we get to dive again: My dive groups will be all private from now on | You will have the option of meeting up directly at the Cenote | Rental equipment and personal equipment will follow the same disinfection methods | Food will be handled depeding on your personal preferences | We will not sacrifice dive safety to implement no-contact policies, but we will encourage a safe distance. For more details read on!

Smart Stage Rig

One of the things keeping divers busy these days is catching up with repairs, service and and enhancements to our dive configurations. Many divers, including me, have always preferred buying ready made accessories from a shop or online but, truth be told, making your own accessories or adjusting it with DIY hacks and modifications isContinue reading “Smart Stage Rig”