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I am a Sidemount instructor and Cavern/Cave diver and guide. I was born in this region and know Quintana Roo like the palm of my hand. I am very proud of being a mexican woman in technical diving and I look forward to take you on a new adventure!

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Professionalism and Safety!

I have been an instructor since 2014, I lead recreational and technical divers into the wonderful world of the cenotes with the highest safety standards.

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Learn about the Cenotes and their connection to other ecosystems!
Discover cavern diving! Learn how corals and caves are related!


Full dive and environmental briefing by an underwater naturalist!
Whichever your dive level is, you will learn and discover nature in a totally new way!

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What is cavern diving?

A cavern is the entrance zone of a cave.

Diving caverns means to stay within 60m/200ft of an exit or natural sun light at all times and following established trajectories within the overhead (marked by guide lines).

Recreational cavern diving also means “no-restrictions”, two divers are always able to swim side by side in all passages of the cavern.

What is Cave diving?

Cave diving involves entering the overhead environment and diving the underground passages away from the twilight zone, or the cavern zone. Cave diving is one of the most safe and rewarding experiences as a diver. If you’re a certified cave diver I will show you the best of the Mexican caves and will share stories of exploration and discovery of our natural world as well as introduce you to the finest mexican street food because cave diving and tacos go really well together!