“I love wet rocks…”

My name is Tamara, I was born and raised in Mexico and grew up by the beach in Puerto Morelos. My father is a boat captain and my mother is an environmental educator, they shaped my love for nature and were key in becoming a self taught underwater naturalist.

Today, I am a full time technical diver and instructor but in my previous life I obtained BSc in Communication Science (2005) and worked for different companies in Events and Marketing in Benelux.

In 2014 I left my corporate job and I have been in the water ever since, I have extensive experience teaching and guiding recreational and technical divers as well as working as a scientific diver in different environmental monitoring and restoration projects. I have been diving caves since 2017 and since then I have heard people say there is nothing in the cenotes aside from “wet rocks”, and I always thought, well, “I love wet rocks!”.

In 2021 I became part of the instructor team at Protec Dive Centers, where I also train to be a cave instructor under the mentorship of Patrick Widmann.

I am also an avid free diver. I speak fluent Spanish, English and French and have studied German and Dutch. I am proud of being a Belgian citizen since my naturalization in 2014 and although I now live in Mexico I still hold close ties with my adoptive country, where I spent a third of my life.

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