About Cenote Girl

Who is Cenote Girl?

Scuba and Sidemount instructor and cave diver, born and raised near the ocean in Puerto Morelos, Mexico.

Tamara discovered the beauty of the Mexican Caribbean coast since she learned to walk (or swim!) and became a self-taught underwater naturalist.

She explored beaches, cenotes, sand dunes and reefs growing up and has been a witness to the development of tourism in this region. Through the years she has only become more curious about the nature around her and has fallen in love with water over and over again, wanting to protect and actively conserve the natural resources of her native land.

Tamara is an assiduous cave and technical diver and is sponsored by XDEEP in their Exploration Support Program, she has trained in decompression diving (deep and cave) and holds certifications from various agencies, she dives, guides, explores and trains regularly in the cenotes. Since 2021 Tamara is part of the resident instructor staff at Protec Dive Centers in Playa del Carmen and Tulum.

My Projects

She belonged to the Reef Brigades of the National Park of Puerto Morelos from 2017 to 2021, trained by The Nature Conservancy, Instituto de Pesca and CONANP in Coral Reef Restoration. She is also certified AGRRA monitor (fish specialty) and has contributed as a volunteer to the outplanting of 5 thousand coral fragments in North Male Atoll with Coralive.org

Tamara worked as a Science Communication Consultant for the national university UNAM and its CORALIUM LAB in 2018.

She has also attended Karstic Cave Geology courses by the University of Quintana Roo and has participated as a volunteer with the Laboratorio de la Prehistoria de América within the Hells Bells Project in Cenote Zapote, in Puerto Morelos as well as aunched the Cave Corals Project to research fossilized coral species in the flooded caves of Quintana Roo.

Her concerns about the deterioration of the aquatic environments around the world led her to obtain a National Geographic Film Grant as part of a team of filmmakers in 2018 acting as Field Producer. The award winning documentary film Mermaids Against Plastic was shot in 2019 in Quintana Roo and was screened during the first quarter of 2020. Public release of the documentary is schedulled for the summer of 2021.

Tamara looks forward to continue her experience as a cave diver while guiding recreational divers in the gorgeous cavern passages that the Cenotes offer in the Mayan Riviera. Additionally, she recently launched the Cave Corals project and became a sidemount instructor under Instructor Trainer Patrick Widmann.

Tamara holds a BSc degree in Communication by Universidad Anáhuac Mayab. In her previous career, Tamara worked as a communication consultant, science communication officer, marketing manager, event manager and campaign director. She lived in Belgium from 2005 to 2015, when she returned to Mexico to work as a scuba intructor. She is also an AIDA 4* freediver.

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